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PV test standard

Newstime:2017-09-05 09:32:40

The current photovoltaic test standards include finished product standards, safety standards, process standards, raw materials standards, test methods, standards, instrument standards, equipment standards, quality system standards. The standard setting institutions are IEC, UL, CNAS, AS, GB, EN, DIN, JIS and other countries and testing certification institutions.

Examples of IEC standards are as follows:

IEC, 608912.02009-12-14 crystal, silicon photovoltaic devices, measurement characteristics, I-V temperature correction and irradiance correction method

IEC 60904-SER1.02011-10-31 optoelectronic devices - Series Standards

IEC 60904-12.02006-09-13 optoelectronic devices -- part first: Determination of the current voltage performance of photovoltaic cells

IEC 60904-22.02007-03-20 photovoltaic devices - Part second: requirements for standard solar cells

IEC 60904-32.02008-04-09 optoelectronic devices - Part third: measurement principles and standard spectral irradiance data for photovoltaic devices on the ground

IEC 60904-41.02009-06-09 optoelectronic devices - Part fifth: Determination of the equivalent cell temperature (ECT) of photovoltaic (PV) devices by open circuit voltage method

IEC 60904-52.02011-02-17 optoelectronic devices -- part first: Determination of the current voltage performance of photovoltaic cells

IEC 60904-73.02008-11-26 optoelectronic devices - Part seventh: Calculation of spectral mismatch errors caused by photovoltaic device measurements

IEC 60904-82.01998-02-26 optoelectronic devices -- Part eighth: measurement of spectral response of photovoltaic devices

IEC 60904-92.02007-10-16 optoelectronic devices - Part ninth: performance requirements for solar simulators

IEC 60904-102.02009-12-17 optoelectronic devices -- Part tenth: linear measuring methods 

Characteristic parameters of IEC 611941.01992-12-15 stand-alone photovoltaic system

Design, identification and finalization of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for terrestrial IEC 612152.02005-04-27

UV test of IEC 613451.01998-02-26 photovoltaic modules

Design, identification and finalization of IEC 616462.02008-05-14 ground thin film photovoltaic modules

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