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2.6 environmental monitoring instruments...

Newstime:2017-08-02 09:29:21

Large laboratory general analysis, rapid and accurate portable or vehicular emergency monitoring, industrial organic ecological pollutants and heavy metal pollution on-line continuous monitoring technology equipment. Sampling and analysis system of persistent pollutants, traceable standard equipment value of environmental remote sensing monitoring and quantity, air quality monitoring system and the pollution sources, rapid determination instrument and warning, warning instrument pollution accident emergency monitoring field portable, online air pollutants detection system, mine safety monitoring, early warning and prevention and control technology. Regional environmental air characteristics and water quality features, organic pollutants automatic monitoring system, heavy metal on-line monitoring system, and dangerous goods carrier monitoring system. Continuous automatic detection technology, cyanide on-line automatic monitoring system in water, new type of persistent organic pollutants pollution of gas (POPs) electrochemical automatic online detection platform, pollution control system maintenance and remote diagnosis and management system, online monitoring of biological toxicity of water quality early warning technology and equipment, heavy metals, on-line monitoring, on-line monitoring, the odor of volatile organic compounds in online monitoring the rural ecological environment, rapid detection equipment, solar water floating automatic detection device, portable wireless spectrum intelligent spectrophotometric detector, water pollutants in water pollutants genotoxicity rapid screening instrument, online denitration efficiency monitoring technology and equipment, UV spectrum integral sulphur dioxide nitrogen oxides monitor. Ammonia nitrogen on-line monitoring device, landfill seepage prevention monitoring / detection and warning system, portable emergency detection equipment, packaged movable water quality automatic monitoring station and reactor type BOD rapid measuring instrument. Automatic monitor ammonia, ship detection system, radioactive object processing instrument, nuclear radiation monitoring and alarm instrument, chemical oxygen demand, water quality on-line monitor process in laser gas analysis system, ultraviolet (UV) absorption water quality automatic on-line monitoring instrument, ultraviolet differential flue gas continuous emission monitoring system, atmospheric particulate monitoring instrument, the Internet of things system, sudden pollution accident emergency monitoring of marine auxiliary management system, pollution of the sea mobile emergency monitoring equipment, water transport and marine pollution monitoring system and equipment etc..

   Mobile water treatment equipment, mobile toxic and harmful mud water (liquid) environmental pollution rapid emergency treatment integration device, small integrated mobile medical waste water treatment equipment, environmental emergency monitoring vehicle (ship) and other equipment. Emergency multifunctional mobile type high temperature solid waste treatment equipment, mobile emergency medical waste disposal vehicle, block type oil-water separation and recovery device.

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