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Outdoor multi-channel photovoltaic ...

Newstime:2017-06-20 09:32:18

Product overview:

The industry's first support for real-time multi-channel photovoltaic component testing system, to provide true 6 electronic load, providing up to 6 channels of real-time testing capabilities, and can customize the number of channels based on user needs. The evaluation system can perform synchronous testing of 6 photovoltaic modules, and it is the best device to realize the performance comparison of outdoor photovoltaic modules. The first generation evaluation system design of a comparative test function among multiple channels, 6 different PV module test at the same time in a time, the difference between the different components on the I-V characteristics and the amount of power differences, and supports multiple simultaneous recording irradiance, temperature, provides the most intuitive user test results. Adapt to the actual test of the actual generation of outdoor photovoltaic modules, to adapt to the latest IEC61853 photovoltaic power generation test requirements. Meet the needs of PV component design and manufacturing enterprises and photovoltaic power station system integrators to evaluate the outdoor PV modules. The test system supports DC and AC components. It can be connected with PC or notebook computer to operate, and it is convenient for users to complete the test work indoors or outdoors.

Technical characteristics:

* with multi-channel synchronous testing function, the test results of outdoor photovoltaic modules are comparable, which can be used for comparative tests in changeable weather conditions.

* support multi channel irradiance data input function, and set up a set of irradiance temperature data corresponding to the measured PV module.

* support the power test function to provide intuitive percentage data for users. The components are good or bad at a glance.

* support AC and DC two modes of power supply, providing more choices for users. Standard chassis design, can be used in the standard cabinet, easy to form a test system.

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