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2.6 environmental monitoring instruments and emergency treatment equipment

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  General analysis technology and equipment for large laboratories, rapid portable or vehicle mounted emergency monitoring, on-line continuous monitoring of industrial organic ecological pollutants and heavy metal pollution. Persistent pollutant sampling and analysis system, standard equipment for environmental remote sensing monitoring and quantity value traceability, on-line monitoring system for air quality and pollution sources, portable on-site rapid measuring instruments and early warning and alarm instruments for pollution accident emergency monitoring, on-line detection system for pollutants in the atmosphere, mine safety monitoring, early warning and Prevention Technology. Regional ambient air characteristics and water quality characteristics, automatic monitoring system for organic pollutants, on-line monitoring system for heavy metals, and real-time monitoring system for dangerous goods transportation carriers. Continuous automatic detection technology of new pollution source flue gas, online automatic cyanide monitor, electrochemical automatic online detection platform of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in water, operation and maintenance service and remote diagnosis management system of pollution control system, online biological toxicity water quality early warning and monitoring technology and equipment, online heavy metal monitor, online odor monitor, online volatile organic compounds monitor, rural ecological environment rapid detection equipment Solar floating automatic water detection device, portable wireless broad-spectrum intelligent spectrophotometer water pollutant detector, rapid screening instrument for genotoxic pollutants in water, online denitration efficiency monitoring technology and equipment, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide monitor by ultraviolet integral spectroscopy. Ammonia nitrogen on-line monitor, landfill impervious layer leakage monitoring / detection and early warning system, portable emergency detection equipment, container mobile automatic water quality monitoring station, reactor BOD rapid tester. Ammonia nitrogen automatic monitor, ship anti pollution detection system, radioactive object processing measuring instrument, nuclear radiation monitoring and alarm instrument, chemical oxygen demand water quality on-line monitor, laser process gas analysis system, ultraviolet (UV) absorption water quality automatic on-line monitor, ultraviolet differential smoke emission continuous monitoring system, atmospheric particulate matter monitoring instrument, Internet of things system, emergency monitoring auxiliary management system for sudden marine pollution accident, Mobile field emergency monitoring equipment for marine pollution, monitoring system and equipment for transportation of marine polluted water bodies, etc.

Mobile water treatment equipment, mobile integrated device for rapid emergency treatment of toxic and harmful muddy water (liquid) environmental pollution, small integrated mobile medical wastewater treatment equipment, environmental emergency monitoring vehicle (ship) and other equipment. Multifunctional mobile high-temperature solid waste treatment equipment for emergency, mobile emergency medical waste treatment vehicle, intercepting oil-water separation and recovery equipment.
phone:0512-67580768            phone:18994320763              address:Room 203, a7 floor, bio nano Park, 218 Xinghu street, Suzhou Industrial Park
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